Information about us

Welcome to the website of OriŽntal Plants. This website is intended to inform you about our company. We are always looking for personal contact in order to ensure our service level and customwork.
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We export and import mainly young houseplants, this are cuttings, seeds, seedlings or tissueculture plants, also with youngplants of garden plants, cutflowers, bulbs and tubers we will be able to help you.


Ori√ęntal Plants is since 1990 active in the export of plants all over the world. We are specialized in the export to far destinations (like the Far East and South America). Plants that we export are ferns, palms, Echeveria's, orchid's etc. Besides the Far East and the South American market we serve also markets as Australia, New Zealand and Central America.


In addition to the export of plants we import even since 1990 various plants from Asia. These youngplants are mainly for the Dutch and European growers. Orchids and Bromeliads we import from Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines and China.

Our many years of experience in the global trade of plants result in a longlasting relationship and wide knowledge of the import and export of young plants.